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Moti Customs house broker in Guyana works closely with our clients to ensure that shipments comply with all relevant laws and regulations and that any taxes, duties, or fees are paid correctly and on time. We also provide advice and guidance on trade compliance issues and help our clients develop strategies to minimize their customs-related costs and risks.

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Moti Customs House Broker provides top-notch service in imports and exports .

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Moti Customs House Broker services Guyana's largest importers and exporters.


Moti Certifications & Awards

Kesho Moti was given the “Oldest Customs Broker Award” by the GCHBCA . This award is just a testament to his experience working in Guyana as a licensed customs house broker.

He has received numerous allocates including one from Guyana Stores Limited when he was a Junior Customs Clerk. Moti has worked with numerous clients in Guyana and from overseas.

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